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Holiday Deals

‘Tis the season to save when you stock up. Take 20% off our selection of holiday favorites! Each pair comes with a 30-day no-rip guarantee, meaning no more worrying about rips, runs or snags in your tights.

Backseam Sheer Tights - Sheertex

Holiday Deal

Backseam Classic Sheer Tights
Regular price $162.00 Sale price $129.00

Shaping Sheer Tights - Sheertex

Holiday Deal

Shaping Sheer Tights
Regular price $135.00 Sale price $108.00

Hey there, it’s nice to meet you! Since you made it this far, you might be wondering: “The world's most resilient tights? How could this be real?!" Well, believe it. Our tights are tested in the Sheertex Lab to be unbreakable in human hands and we bet you couldn’t rip them if you tried. Four years ago our founder, Katherine Homuth, had the wild idea of taking some of the strongest fibers in the world (typically used in climbing equipment) and using them to make ultra durable tights. It worked better than she ever imagined, and Sheertex was born. We started shipping products in 2019 out of a 2,000 square foot garage. Today, we’ve been named one of TIME’s Best Inventions, have a team that’s over 170 strong, and run Canada’s largest hosiery factory. Every year, over a billion pairs of pantyhose end up in landfills after only a couple wears and at Sheertex we’re on a mission to change that.
Say goodbye to disposable, and hello to tights that actually last.