We've searched the world for a lucky fiber both strong and stretchy.

The toughest fibers in the world are typically around 1,000 denier (an industry measure of fiber thickness). Most tights range between 0-100 denier, so we needed something a bit thinner.

A year later, we found our miracle material.

After a long process of elimination, we discovered the strongest, most lightweight fiber in the world.

Then we made it stretchier, strong, and stylish.

The fiber we found was 100 denier. (For context, anything 100 denier and above could make pants or socks, but not pantyhose.) This wasn't good enough: we needed to get it to 30 denier or below in order to make sheer tights. We also needed to dye and stretch it for different shades and shapes. So we went straight to manufacturers, and with a lot of hard work and resilience, wove our very own patent-pending knit: ultra-soft, ultra-strong, and totally versatile.

We opened a factory to make more of our own luck.

Traditional machinery couldn't handle our super-strong knit. So we built our own hosiery manufacturing facility from the ground up in Canada's largest hosiery factory in Montreal, the heart of the Canadian textile industry.

Luck looks good on you.

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