Unbreakable Tights: Do They Really Work?

Many companies claim to have created “indestructible” or “unbreakable” tights, without much information, proof nor any kind of guarantee. What is fact, what is fiction?

Most Tights Are Only Good For A Few Wears

Anyone who has ever worn a pair of conventional tights knows they are not made to last. Usually ripping after a couple of wears, 2 billion pairs of them end up in landfills every year.

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Sheertex Knit

Made using one of the world's strongest polymers, Sheertex tights are guaranteed to last.


Feel Just Like Real Tights

Incredibly strong but also incredibly silky and soft. They feel and look just like traditional tights.



Designed and made-to-last responsibly in Canada, with inclusive sizing up to 3XL, and 6 nude shades.


A Guaranteed Strong Knit

Industry experts said it could not be done. But a year and a few broken sewing machines later, the folks at Sheertex finally engineered a proprietary knit, made from one of the world's strongest polymers, that is tested to be unbreakable in human hands. Miraculously, not only is the Sheertex Knit incredibly strong, it feels and looks just like traditional tights.

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While Sheertex typically costs more, they are tested to outlast multiple pairs of your traditional tights. Add to the fact that that they are sustainably and ethically made in Canada, they are a worthwhile investment for the planet and your wardrobe.

They Come With A
90-day No Rip Guarantee
Guaranteed to last, Sheertex covers any damage that renders your tights unwearable for 90 days.

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