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Classic Sheer Tights - Sheertex

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Classic Sheer Tights
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Shaping Sheer Tights - Sheertex
Shaping Sheer Tights
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Latticed Semi-Opaque Tights - Sheertex
Latticed Semi-Opaque Tights
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Polka-Dot Sheer Tights - Sheertex
Polka-Dot Sheer Tights
Regular price $129.00 Sale price $110.00

Semi-Opaque Tights
The perfect tights for colder days,
made strong by our unique Sheertex™
Knit Technology in an 80 denier knit.
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In case you were wondering

Will my tights really make it through the day?
The answer is yes—the hype is real.

Pantyhose has always been a disposable product that lasts 1, 2 or maybe 3 wears (if you’re lucky). That is, until we set out to change the category forever.

our tights are

Made with Sheertex™ Knit Technology

An award winning innovation

Made ethically in Canada

the result?
A pair of tights you can actually rely on.

That’s right, it’s finally time to say goodbye to drugstore tights.


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Where it all started

Wondering how we became the creators behind the world’s toughest tights? Here's the whole story.


Goodbye disposable. Say hello to tights that last.

Every pair comes with a 30 Day Guarantee — the only guarantee in hosiery.

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what the press has to say

" You can stretch and twist the Sheertex as much as you like and they won't break. You'd have to be the Hulk to tear a hole through these things. "
Named One of
TIME's Best
"These super pantyhose have been tested and proven to be wearable up to 50 times. Regular brands usually give you two or three wears before you are forced to toss 'em."

With thousands of 5 star reviews
(and counting)

" I was reluctant about the promise of being unbreakable but this tight survived puppy claws running down my leg! I’m a believer and will spread the word"