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Goodbye Disposable Tights

Goodbye Disposable Tights

Help us keep tights out of landfills. Ethically manufactured in Montreal, Canada, and offered in 7 inclusive sizes, it's finally time to make the switch to Sheertex.


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90-day guarantee

Covers any damage that renders your tights unwearable.



Made strong with Sheertex knit technology.


Thousands of 5-star reviews

Don't just take our word for it. Read what thousands of customers have to say.

Which is the right style for me?

Sustainability is woven through our entire business



Throwing away disposable tights, for good

Over 2 billion pairs of pantyhose are thrown away each year. Tights shouldn't be trash, so we're replacing them with a strong and long-lasting knit that can be reworn, again and again.

This is not a drill

We're the only tights company using some of the strongest fibers in the world. Believe it. Our patent pending knit doesn't exist anywhere else on the market. We invented it, we make it, you'll love it.

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